Monday, January 7, 2013

I will always remember...

Just days after Hadley was born I went over to my mom's house for the day.  I wanted Nana to get to spend some time with Hadley and I wanted to get photos of them together. After all, Nana was 88 years old and even though she was in pretty good health you just never know.

I am so glad I took these photos of my Nana holding Hadley in her little sitting room at my mom's house. Just a few weeks after this photo was taken Nana went into the hospital.  She hadn't been feeling well at all and wasn't getting better.  She was mostly incoherent and in a lot of pain.  After several days in the hospital it became clear that my Nana wasn't going to recover so my mom brought her home so that she would be close to family when she passed.

She passed away on New Years Eve in the afternoon with my mother and older sister by her bed.  Hadley and I were on our way out the door to go visit and sit with Nana when I received the news that Nana had passed peacefully and had gone home to Jesus. 

We buried her today.  I will miss her so much.  I am so grateful that she got to meet Hadley before she passed away and I'm even more grateful that I took this photograph.  One day I will tell Hadley about her great grandmother and how Nana loved her so much.  Seeing them together in this photo just validates how important photography and memory keeping really are to me.  This was a beautiful moment and I get to re-live it all over again every time I see this photo.  I look at it and I can hear Nana saying "Oh, Megan.  She is beautiful.  Such a blessing."

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