Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The 5 Stages of {TIME OUT}

Back in 2008 I got my very first DSLR and my life changed forever.  I fell instantly in love with my Nikon D80, mostly just because I was finally able to shoot photos the way I saw them in my head.  I started taking classes and practicing constantly and my photos improved tremendously.  When I would look at my old photos I would feel sick because here were all of the perfectly good moments that I had captured with crummy photos.  I didn't even scrapbook most of my photos from 2008 because I just wasn't inspired to.

Recently I looked back at some of those old photos and found these pics I took of my son one day when he was in time out.  Not my best work but these photos of my mischievous 2 year old are so precious to me. 

As I started looking at the photos and picking my papers and embellishments the 5 stages of Grief came to mind.   He went through all five stages within his 2 minute time out and I have the pics to prove it!





...and finally, Acceptance.

I have to admit that sometimes even though the most precious moment is unfolding right in front of me I will opt to not grab my camera because the lighting isn't right.  I love all of the beautiful, perfectly lit, properly composed photographs I have been able to take of my children over the years.  I consider myself blessed to have the talent and the opportunity to become a photographer.  I also consider myself blessed to be able to share this talent of mine with other families.  Looking back at these photos I realize I also cherish every crummy photo I have taken of these wonderful little people with whom God has blessed me. 

...even a crummy photo of these little cuties makes me happy:)