Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Here is what i did today {notice I used green;)}

I have thought about using fabric in my layouts for years now. I love fabric and so much of my life as a designer has revolved around fabric it only makes sense that I would eventually combine my old life with my new one and finally use some fabric in my layouts. Well that is exactly what happened today. I was trying to organize my fabric a little bit this morning when I came across this green and cream toile. I used it to reupholster a chair that was in my daughter's nursery and had a yard or so left over. It was a nursery rhyme toile complete with the dish running away with the spoon...

and the cow jumping over the moon. I didn't use the cow, just the moon and the clouds. I love the moon. The sleepy~ smiley~ happy~ sweet moon. I thought it would look adorable on a page situated above this picture of my Godson I have been wanting to scrap. Patrick is so sweetly dreaming I wanted to make a soft dreamy layout for this photo.

I used Technique Tuesday stamps to make this tag. {In A Word: Children}

I think the main reason I never did use fabric on a layout is that I wasn't quite sure how to stick it to the page. I could always sew it on but I didn't want that look for this page. I ended up using Glossy Accents to adhere the fabric to the page and it worked perfectly! Of coarse I Fray Checked the edges first.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Design Team Call

Back in January there was a Design Team call at my favorite scrapbook store, Scrapbooks Plus. My pages were on display at the store all last month and I just got them back so I wanted to share them with you. While I didn't get picked for the Design Team I am glad I submitted my work for it. I received a lot of positive feedback from both the owner of the store and the Design Team Coordinator. Both told me I was #5 (they were selecting 4 new design team close) and they both encouraged me to submit for the DT next year. Congrats to the new Designers!

Here are my layouts!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Life isn't just about the big events and major milestones. I decided a long time ago that in order to really capture who my children really were I would not just scrap the big stuff but the small stuff too. Every kid has a birthday, rides a bike, looses a tooth. If I only told those stories I wouldn't capture the essence of the child.

Well, I definitely captures some essence with this layout.

Just for the record I only gave into Cullen a little that evening...
I gave the both kids their vitamins at the same time.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Let me start by telling you what a "RUB ON" is since my Dad follows my blog and probably doesn't know. A rub on is a scrapbooking embellishment that transfers from the packaging to the new surface when you rub over the top with a popsicle stick. It is sort of like a sticker that you rub on.

So Aubrey asked for months to get her hair cut short. I finally gave in right before Kindergarten started. The day before her hair appointment (the 2nd one, I canceled the first) I took her outside to get some photos of her with long hair. I told her to spin around and I took about 30 pictures and got one really good one. I love her smile in this photo and I knew I wanted to make that the theme of the page.
I don't love the fact that my neighbors driveway and garage are the background so I needed to disguise that somehow.

So this is what I came up with:

"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile but sometimes
your smile can be the source of your joy."
the bottom tag says
{your smile is the source of my joy}

Love that quote. When I saw a rub on of that quote I new I wanted to use it in a layout with this picture of Aubrey.

Since it is pink some of the smaller words didn't show up at all. To remedy the situation I painted over the picture where I wanted to place the quote and when it was dry I applied the rub on over the paint. The pink really shows up over the light blue painted area.

Next I used some butterfly rub ons. I applied them directly on top of the picture. Then I used my craft knife to cut out just the wings. I folded them up a little and loved the result. I then cut the polka dot paper out from behind the butterflies so that you would see the striped paper under the wings.

I made this tag using a rub on, different stamps that I have, and a little hand writing which is always a personal touch.

I love the dimension in this layout. By the time I was done you couldn't even tell that the background was really my neighbor's garage.