Monday, January 11, 2010

Design Studio

In an effort to start the new year off right I spent all last week re-organizing my design studio. It usually gets pretty out of control during the holidays and this year was no exception.

I just looked over the pictures of my studio that I posted last February. WOW, what a difference. While my studio is still very much the same, the pictures are so different... Thanks, Karen Russell. I love progress!

There is a real life quality, a depth, and a richness to the photos that I am so happy I can capture.

Some of the photographs are a bit casty but I don't find it too distracting. {Besides, I need something to improve upon for next year;)}

I love my cutting station... it is an absolute must in an efficient scrapbooking room!

My Studio Calico KOTM {kit of the month} kits!

My cozy little chair, I love it:)

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