Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Here is a great little embellishment I made using my Silhouette die cutting machine. I chose several different flowers from my library of images. I set up my template with four different flowers, two of each different flower. I made them all in different sizes ranging from 3 3/4 inches to 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Once they were cut out I spread them out on my craft mat and sprayed them with water then crumpled them. I unfolded them and laid them out on my craft mat to let them begin to dry. I hit them with my heat gun until they were crisp and the wonderful texture from the folds was set into each flower. I stacked them and put a brad through the center to hold them together. This flower so easy and inexpensive to make {well, besides the cost of the Silhouette of coarse} and it was the perfect embellishment for this page. I saved the template on ROBO Master and plan to make another one of these little beauties soon. This time I think I'll use a couple different patterned papers and see how it turns out. If you want to know how to use different papers on the same die cut pattern on the Silhouette check out my blog post SUMMER.

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