Tuesday, June 15, 2010


{Disclaimer: I would like to acknowledge and apologize for the blurry photo of the title "Summer." The layout is currently on display at ScrapbooksPlus so I was unable to re-shoot the photo of the title for this post. Once I get the layout back I will replace this photo with a photo that is in focus. Now back to the regularly scheduled program.}

Now there may very well be a way that you can cut each part of a Silhouette pattern out separately but I don't know what it is. One of these days I'll have to sit down and watch the tutorials they have but until then I figured out a quick little trick of my own.Silhouette has several patterns that include different pieces to be layered that would look great cut out of different papers but when you go to cut them out they are all cut together on the same paper. I wanted to cut each layer of this title out of a different paper. In order to know exactly where to put my different patterned papers I cut it out of printer paper first and then used that as a template to line up each of the papers I wanted to use. I knew exactly how big each paper needed to be and exactly where to place it. Once I had everything in place on the cutting mat I checked it against my template again and then cut out the pattern. I had the three different layers I wanted without having to waste any of my pattern paper.

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