Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SBP Design Team~May's page map

I loved the page map one of the designers on my design team came up with for this month's assignment. I loved it so much I didn't want to stray far from the original. Now that I look at it though I wish I had gone ahead and added a place for more journaling. The journaling that I did do doesn't really explain what happened.

I was taking the Karen Russell Photographer's Workshop at the time and chose my son to be my subject for that week's assignment. Instead of taking all pictures from the same position she and other photographers say to change your perspective by climbing up high, getting down low and walking around your subject to see just what other point of view you can capture. In an effort to change my POV during this shoot I got down on the ground to photograph my son. I guess he wasn't used to this because he came over to me and laid down in front of me on the ground and started looking at me through the camera he made with his hand. I got some of the sweetest pictures as he looked at me through his "camera," then looked at me with a sweet little sideways glance and then finally sat there picking the grass with his head resting in his hand out of boredom. I guess he thought I was doing something really fun there laying on my tummy in our yard but in the end discovered it must just be one of those weird things grownups think is fun but really isn't.

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