Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!
Mine started off on the wrong foot. I got up early this morning for a bike ride followed by a run. About 15 minutes before I was going to meet my friends I was pumping up my tire and got a hole in the tube, ugh! Well... I ran to my one friend's house and she didn't know how to change the tire so I waited for the other girls and they didn't know either. They are all Iron Girls and have never changed a tire and I am new to this and have now had my second flat. I was starting to think that maybe cycling just isn't my thing.
We all made our way back to my house and gathered in my garage and the four of us Mamas started our Mother's Day learning how to change a tire. It took us about 15 minutes. After that it was smooth sailing, or actually smooth biking then running... no sailing. We were able to get 13 miles in on the bike and another 2 miles on a run. Then I went back out for another 3.1 by myself. Now I'm spending a little quality time in my studio listening to music... These Are The Days by the 10,000 Maniacs.I get a lot of emails about my studio. I have gotten a few questions in the past month about this cabinet in the corner, the one all the way to the right. I picked it up at Ikea. Originally I bought it for our Living Room/Dining Room in our first town house. When we moved into our current home that cabinet and the kitchen island from our first house ended up {quite on purpose} in my studio.
I love this cabinet. It has two large drawers in the bottom. I have one full of all of the school days things from embellishments to lettering to photos. The other drawer has all of the Christmas album things in it. That way when I want to work on my Christmas album I have everything in the same spot. I can just pull out what I need and when I need to work on another project I can just slip everything back into the drawer. Since both my Christmas album and my school days albums are my two ongoing themed projects it works really well to keep everything together.
I keep my printer and my silhouette tucked away in the cabinet, each on it's own shelf. It is so nice having them right at my finger tips. And since they are in a cabinet they are protected from dust. On the other shelves I store my acrylic stamp binders, my xyrons and refills, modge podge, deco file folders, and page protectors. I also use the space on top to hold my magazines and a couple of storage boxes. I love this cabinet because it really utilizes the space in my studio. It is actually a fairly small room but I have 10 foot ceilings so there is plenty of space going up the wall that I miss out on because I don't have cabinets. If I was absolutely sure I would always have my studio on the main level in my home I would look into installing cabinets or at least putting in some good shelving around the top of the walls. But every once in a while I think about one day moving it down to the basement where my kids toys are. Its a giant room with great lighting and 2 huge closets... oh the fun I could have if I would just switch these rooms.

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