Thursday, June 11, 2009

I run...

This is a picture of me running the Marine Corp Marathon~Historic Half in Fredericksburg, VA this past May. The race was awesome. I want to run it every year. My husband and I ran it together and we made a great team. He was really pushing me for the first 6 miles. But when we hit those hills at the last 3 miles {which made this race a real Marine Corp event} it was me that kept us going. We finished in 2 hrs 6 minutes. Next year maybe we will go for a time under 2 hrs. It was a blast and it was great doing it together.

I love the song "I Run" by LA. It has me asking myself "Why do I run?"

I Run..
for health
for happiness
for clarity
what else am I going to do at 5:00am on a Sunday, sleep?
because it is cheaper than therapy

I can't explain it. Running just somehow makes my day better and gives me something to look forward to tomorrow. I hope I am still running this race when I'm 70.

Well, Gotta run!


  1. I can't wait until our kids can run it with us. Go Team Carey!

  2. its funny, you look fine, Rob looks like he is about to keel over.