Friday, July 10, 2009

Ok so you haven't heard from me in a while. I have been very busy with the Karen Russell photography class I am taking. It was well worth the year I waited to finally get into this class. It totally rocks! I am learning sooo much... very inspired by this chic.

On another topic, I have a problem {problems can be very inspiring}. I don't always get to scrapbook every little moment I want to remember. So I came up with this idea for a "Scrap Box". It is a little recipe box that I embellished {of course} using my Kraft Girl Kit from May. I love that kit!

The idea is that I can pull out a card, write about the moment I want to remember, add a little photo or embellishment and file it away under one of the categories.

The great thing is that my family can be involved in the memory keeping. Look at what Aubrey wrote about her brother.

She asked what I was making and when I told her about it she said she wanted to make a card about Cullen. The other day they were eating lunch outside and a spider joined them. Aubrey and Cullen were both scared but Cullen took it upon himself to protect his sister and get rid of the spider. Aubrey wanted to make a card about how brave Cullen is. So we looked through my extra photos for a little picture of Cullen. We attatched it to the corner of the card and she wrote:
"Cullen you are brav. You help me when I am afraid. You are a good brother.
Love, Aubreyia" (she is going through that name phase... I did it too when I was her age. I wanted to be Maggie. Rob went through this phase too. I believe he made his parents call him Jake for a while.)

Anyhow, hope that idea inspires you.

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