Sunday, May 24, 2009

May I have your Attention Please

Here is my latest creation with a rather patriotic color scheme!

{May I Have Your Attention Please!}

I have to say that I LOVE this title. I was designing the page to be about her LoothTooth and was going to call it just that Looth Tooth. Then somehow this brilliant little title just popped into my head and I love it.


We have had a very busy week which included a trip to the Emergency Room when Cullen split his chin open and a trip to Urgent Care when it opened up again after it had been glued at the ER. Aubrey was a wonderful big sister during the whole ordeal, reassuring Cullen and keeping him company. I guess Aubrey was feeling a little left out of the attention Cullen was getting. One morning at breakfast Aubrey’s tooth was bothering her. I looked at it and wiggled it and it was very loose. I said “How exciting! You are going to lose this tooth really soon… maybe even today!” To which Aubrey responded “Yeah and Cullen’s chin is almost healed. Now we stop talking about his chin and just talk about me and worry about my looth tooth.”
She says what she means and means what she says. Aubrey, I love that about you!

I love this little recipe card and I really wanted to incorporate it in my layout. I had to think outside of the box to get it to work with my layout but I finally came up with Aubrey's Recipe for Attention...and it worked!

I thought about using a photo corner here but instead I used these neutral flowers with colored brads to anchor the corner. Maybe it is all of the flowers outside but I'm really loving flowers these days.

It is funny, tonight just as I was finishing this layout Aubrey came into my studio trying to get attention with a fake limp. I showed her this layout and told her I knew she just wanted my attention. I asked her to read what this little frame said and she did... and smiled one of those smiles where she was trying not to smile. I pointed out that I wasn't scrapbooking about Cullen's many trips to the ER and Dr's lately. She got the point.

BTW... are you diggin' the tunes?


  1. Aubrey is definately an attention hound. Love the tunes.

  2. I love the tunes! I resurrected my old (barely written in!) blog, just so I can make my own playlist! Thanks for the tip!