Tuesday, April 14, 2009

and the teacher is...

I have been working on the School Days albums for Aubrey. I love this page of Aubrey checking the mail for her teacher assignment. I love the little file tab I placed in the corner and the way the photos are arranged to look like a file folder. I love the faded lined notebook paper look of the background paper and I love the doodling. Most of all I loved the journaling... it makes me smile.


"No matter where you live or in which decade you grow up some things are the same for all of us. Checking the mail for teacher assignments in the last few weeks of summer vacation is one of those things. Watching you brought back so many memories of my childhood, the same memories you are making now. In many ways your childhood is so different from mine. Not only did I not have the Internet but there were only 5 channels on TV & no remote. It makes me happy that we have this part of our childhoods in common:)"

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