Sunday, February 22, 2009


I have been working on scrapbooking Christmas this past week. Don't hate me just yet... I'm only up to '05 in my Christmas album. I did this great layout with these pictures that when I originally took them they made me cry because they were so bad. They were not at all what I wanted. I wanted a great shot of the kids in front of the tree. Instead I got terrible pictures of Cullen trying to escape and Aubrey trying to hold him down. Not only was he not cooperating but my camera at the time had a 2 second delay which made it nearly impossible to get the shot I wanted. I think that is why I am so behind in this album. I was just so unhappy with the pictures from '05 that I just didn't crop them...until now.

I titled this page "Christmas Wish" because my Christmas wish was to get a great photo of the kids in front of the tree and at the time I felt that my wish had not come true. I guess it is all about perspective because now I love these pictures. I can actually hear Cullen's baby belly laugh when I look at these shots. I miss that laugh. He's still got it but it is much more grown up now. It took me 3 years but now I realize I got my Christmas wish. These pictures are priceless. All I needed was a little perspective.

I tried a new technique. Not sure exactly how I came up with it but when I made the title block I ended up pulling out stamps that I wanted to use only part of the image. The border was a whole stamp and I only wanted the border so I taped over the parts I didn't want, inked it quickly then pulled the tape off and stamped it. The word "WISH" was only the center of the stamp so I used my new little tape trick again and it worked.

Here I used one of my favorite little tricks. I used my DYMO label maker with a strip of red cardstock that I fed in where the DYMO tape goes and printed out my own little caption. I sanded it down a little then inked it a little with white StazOn. I love to make my own captions using my DYMO. It is so quick and easy and adds such a fun element but I don't do it all of the time because with one font it can get to be too repetitive. I have been wanting a DYMO with different fonts. I guess you could say I've been wishing for it and my wish came true.

I was so excited when I saw the DYMO Caption Maker at AC Moore the other day. It has 3 wheels that have different fonts. I have been wanting this tool for so long and now they actually make it. And its PINK!!! Now I'm wishing for DYMO to make more font wheels that I can get to add to my collection.

What a great week. But it gets even better. I have been on the waitlist for Karen Russell's Photographer's Workshop class and I finally got in to her summer session. I am so excited!!! Check out her blog listed under my favorite blogs. You will drool over her photographs.

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