Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Design Studio

This is a blog about things that inspire me. I am a self proclaimed crazy scrapbook girl so I am always looking for inspiration. I'm not only inspired to design but also to organize. I love to organize. I love being organized. I heart my label maker;) So, to show you what I mean my first post is going to include pictures of my Design Studio. It has the perfect ratio of design meets organization. So here it is~

Even my OTT~LITE is pink:)

I was trying to come up with a name for my blog. I went to my scrapbook room for some INSPIRATION;) ... and there it was... "simply inspired"

The chalk board is painted right on the wall and is surrounded by different pink and brown ribbons. I write inspirational quotes on it. Right now it says:
"There are Dreamers and there are Planners; the Planners make their dreams come true."~Edwin Louis Cole
Everything is labeled
This is my new favorite thing. It is really a monitor stand from Ballard Design. My friend Stephanie got it and it didn't work out for her so now I have it. I love my Making Memories Carousel but it was always in my way. Solution, I put the carousel on top of the monitor stand and now I have my entire workspace back.


  1. tfs! I love your studio! It's super nice. I see your ATG gun! YEAH! It's great that you started a blog now you can use wordle and pull directly from here for a great scrapbook layout. :D!

  2. Your studio is testament to the efficiently quirky genius that you are. That said, it really inspired me when I was creating my office.