Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So fun...

I had such a wonderful time helping Cullen with his school project last night.  We raided my studio for some products to use in making his autobiography.  I remembered I had cut down some papers to use as backgrounds in the school yearbook so I pulled those papers out and we started covering the pages of the mini album. 

I took every opportunity to teach him things.  It was amazing watching his little mind working as we made the album.  Once we were finished with covering the backgrounds we started to put the pictures in the book.  We went back into the "school days" drawer to see if I had anything good in there.  He saw the library book style pockets and asked what they were.  I folded the edges in and them folded the bottom up to make the pocket and he realized instantly what they were.  One of the requirements of the project was to included specific information about each school year.  He decided he wanted to put the info on the cards and store the cards in the pockets.

Then he had an idea.  He looked up at me all excited and said "you know those little rectangles at the tops of folders. Do you know how to make those?  We could label them K, 1st and 2nd... you know the ones like this."  and he started to show me with his hands.  "Put one here, then one on the next page here and then one on the next page over here."  I was so excited to see him being inspired, coming up with a cool design element just out of the blue.  Anyway, of course I have a file folder tab punch.  I showed him and he got super excited.  We grabbed a few more punches, the book, photos, the small cutter, all of our paper scraps, a sheet of letters and a sheet of stickers and we went up to the kitchen.

He did his journaling and we checked to make sure he had all the info that was required.  We put the pockets on the pages and the cards inside them.  Then I had to go get Hadley so Cullen added his name to the front, all by himself and he did a really good job!  As he added some elements he punched out with the other punches and some stickers from the sheet I just kept telling him how good he was at scrapbooking.  He turned to me and said "Mom, I'm really way better at sports... all sports." 

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