Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Road Less Traveled~ Webster's Pages Composition & Color

 Here is a little travel journal that I made using a manila folder and the new Webster's Pages collection~ Composition & Color.

 The idea for this journal came to me as a solution for a problem I have.  Since I am a "want to be" photographer and an avid scrapbooker I kind of have a hard time relaxing on vacation.  I am always behind the camera taking photos of everything in case I need them for a layout.  I always end up forgetting to shoot something.  So this little book is my solution to that very problem. 

Before I even leave on a trip, and this can be a day trip too... not just big vacations... I can think about any photos I really want to make sure to get and that list will go right here...

in this pocket.

I can also think about layouts I might want to create either before the trip or during.  I can quickly jot down any ideas and slip them right into this pocket...

...right here:)

Then I can easily go back and add to my list of photos to take if I need to.

I can also keep notes for journaling and slip them into that pocket... over there.

It is all organized into one little bundle that is easy to slip in my purse.  

So now I can just sit back and enjoy the priceless looks on the most precious little faces as they explore our beautiful world.  

I know that when I get home to my studio to scrap these memories that I will have everything I need: photos, layout ideas and journaling notes!

{The End}

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  1. I love this little journal. It is even more beautiful in 'person' when I saw it in the store.