Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!

So, 2011 is looking like its going to be a great year.

In June I am going to have a mini album of mine published in the Scrapbook Trends annual Mini Album Idea Book. I am so excited about this. I find this publication to be a major source of inspiration and I am thrilled that I am going to be a part of it.

There is more exciting news. We are going to have a baby!

I am just beside myself thrilled about this new little addition. We told the kids on Christmas Eve and they are super excited. We shared the news with our families over the holidays and everyone was quite surprised after everything I went through last Fall. They are all so happy about this new little one.

We told our friends and extended family in a fun way too! We made a Christmas card that had three different spaces for photos. We put a photo of Aubrey on one side, a photo of Cullen on the other and the sonogram picture in the center. The message read:

May your New Year be filled with blessings... Ours will be!
Megan, Rob, Aubrey, Cullen
and Baby (due July 17, 2011)

Happy 1-1-11 everyone!


  1. Megan, CONGRATULATIONS! I am so excited for you and your family. I am also having a mini album published in the June additon of Create: Mini Albums. What a coincidence. How fun is this!!!

  2. Oh my, the baby is due one day before my birthday!!! I am even more excited now.