Monday, March 8, 2010

So I will always BENUMBER

A few weeks ago Cullen was standing just outside of my studio talking to his sister. He was talking about something they had done the day before and he asked her if she BENUMBERED it. Benumber... one of the many words that I like to call "Cullen Speak." I have wanted to make a layout about Cullen Speak for quite some time and that day in my studio it hit me. That is why I scrapbook... so I will always Benumber.

I decided I had to tell him the truth about
Benumber. I didn't want to, I love Cullen Speak. It is like a little bit of baby left in him but I had to tell him the truth. I went out of my studio and told him the word is really remember and even had him repeat it back to me a few times to practice saying the right word. I walked back into my studio and started journaling for this layout. I had basically gotten down the idea that I scrapbook so I can benumber when Cullen ran by the door chuckling saying "Do you benumber that?" I was soooo happy he still said benumber anyway. Honestly, I teared up a little. I will really miss benumber when it is gone but I'm just glad I have it for a little while longer.

The Journaling
I want to always Benumber that when you were 5 you said Benumber instead of remember. That's why I scrapbook... so I will always Benumber these things. I will even benumber how hard it was to tell you the word was really remember and how happy I was when you still said benumber anyways.

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