Saturday, September 12, 2009

Final Critique

This is the photograph I submitted for my final assignment in the Photographer's Workshop. When I read this critique I got goose bumps and started to tear up a little. I made Karen Russell gasp!!! She is a total rock star in scraptography and I made her gasp! It is so exciting to realize a dream. I have wanted to be a photographer, meaning I have wanted to be able to take great manual photos for about 10 years now. Well, here it is. I did it. I realized my dream. Of coarse I will keep learning more and more by studying other photographers and just by practicing myself. But still, I did it. Yeah ME!

This is what Karen Russel had to say in her critique of my final assignment:

Megan, I actually gasped just a little bit when I saw this second shot (and I'm sitting in a coffee shop surrounded by people so that was a little embarrassing)!

This shot is exactly what I want this class to be about - this is storytelling at it's best.

The fact that the composition is wonderful (the merger doesn't bother me at all) and your settings are wonderful is just icing on the cake!

I'm so glad this is the shot that you posted for your final shot and am so glad that things are really coming together here for you - congrats! (posted by Karen on 09/10/2009)

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